1. Book Review

The Meaning of Marriage. By Timothy Keller.

“A marriage book you say”? Well I’m single, I don’t want to get married or, I’ve been married for years, I know how this story goes”. I was gifted this book by my best friend, who said it was an essential read, and in her own words, “You must eat this book, digest it”. We both are unmarried and aspire to be one day, so I understood why she bought the book for me, but as I hadn’t yet read it, I couldn’t quite understand why it was so important to read. She orders the book on amazon prime, next day delivery and I receive it …..the next day. You wouldn’t think anything of this, but, when you learn that she lives in Dubai and Amazon Prime fulfilled her request by posting the book the next day, but when I order within the country however, it takes more than one day to arrive, you may be as puzzled as I was. (Inhales) I digressed. The book arrived, and I started reading. Now, I have read marriage books before, been to seminars and church relationship gatherings, and heard pretty much the same thing, “Marriage isn’t easy”. Often because the other person is soo different, and there is a lack of communication, so communicate, communicate, communicate. Or I would hear the complete opposite. “Marriage is amazing, we just love each other so much, he or she is just so amazing, yada yada yada yada” … This latter point of view, more than the former, would really aggravate me! At 27, I know life is not a disney film, so what are you really saying?  Needless to say, I wasn’t really enthusiastic about reading another marriage book.

However, in the first chapter I very quickly understood why I, and everyone I come into contact with should read this book. This book is not just a book about Marriage, it is more a manual on life encounters, how relationships of any kind actually are there, more often than not, to refine you. Please don’t see Marriage on the front cover and write it off, I’ve a deeper understanding of my imperfections having read this book, how they are affecting those around me and how I in turn can rectify them. I think that’s worth the money I didn’t pay, “thank you best friend”. 

Listen, this book is a great read, and I’d encourage anyone looking to improve self to buy this one. 

Live in Love and truth people, talk soon.

Published by Chanel Hemmings

Many impactful life experiences have changed my approach to health, and what it means to be healthy in mind, body and soul. I hope that some of the things I have learned can impact you also, and if not, at least make you think.

3 thoughts on “1. Book Review

  1. Interesting to see how we humans are so similar in many ways. If I had picked that book any day, I would have brushed it off as another book on marriage that was going to tell me something I wasn’t ready to hear again.

    But the way you marketed the book, I am now eager to see what’s in it that’s making Chanel talk so much about it.

    I really admire your style of expressing yourself: no rigid intro body conclusion format. Just straight talk, like you were chatting with the reader on a bench around a park.

    It’s down to earth. It’s realistic. It’s engaging.
    Keep it up. You will find followers who vibe with your style.

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