3. Just a picture for today…..

Wedding rings have an ancient history and are typically linked to traditions in Judaism, Rome and even Babylon.

Marriage is becoming a hot topic, not just in my life at 27, but just everywhere I look, I see weddings becoming a regular occurance. I thought it wise to look at the art of marriage, and figure out why it’s so important to so many, and why, so often, it doesn’t last. I’ve been reading this book called “the meaning of marriage”, I wont say much more than it’s an insightful read, as the book review will be coming later on this week.

Thank you everyone for checking in, you’re truly appreciated, talk soon.


Philip Kosloski – published on 05/09/19

Published by Chanel Hemmings

Many impactful life experiences have changed my approach to health, and what it means to be healthy in mind, body and soul. I hope that some of the things I have learned can impact you also, and if not, at least make you think.

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