Play review: For black boys

For black boys who have considered suicide when the hue gets too heavy. By Ryan Calais Cameron.

You will laugh, cry, dance, scream, do anything and everything during this play. I believe the best plays are those that you can relate to, you can think profoundly about and that will help you improve, and this play had all three. The play follows 6 young men on their journey navigating through life, dealing with 6 different painful secrets and they each give a monologue to explain their story and why they have decided to begin living. For black boys gives you an insightful view, on the life that many young black men live, informing those who may have never interacted with these men enough to know what they may struggle with on a day to day basis. This was not conveyed in a way that makes you feel sorry for these young men or completely depressed as you walk away from the set. It was riddled with comedy, heavy silences and thought provoking monologues. After watching For black Boys, I know more and now I will do more, not just for the men I interact with, but for anyone I interact with.Β 

If you get a chance at some point to see this play, I wouldn’t miss it.

It’s always a pleasure guys, talk soon.

Published by Chanel Hemmings

Many impactful life experiences have changed my approach to health, and what it means to be healthy in mind, body and soul. I hope that some of the things I have learned can impact you also, and if not, at least make you think.

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